Terra Dos T4-30 / Terra Dos T4-40

Intelligently networked, perfectly constructed – the Terra Dos T4 is setting new standards in sugar-beet harvesting.

The unique HOLMER EasyLift system guarantees best harvesting results, the lightweight construction stands for unrivaled soil protection, the new chassis concept with an integrated slope sensor ensures stability in all situations and the intelligent HOLMER EcoPower combines best performance with the lowest fuel consumption – they make it unrivaled.

Terra Dos T4-30

  • 2 driven axles – for easy rolling over
  • Tank capacity 30 m³
  • Optional: Front axle with MICHELIN VF900/60 R 38 CerexBib 2 and rear axle with MITAS SFT 1250 /50 R 32 – for the largest footprint in its class

Terra Dos T4-40

  • 3 power-driven axles
  • Tank capacity 45 m³
  • Thrust tube suspension of the third axle – for all degrees of freedom
  • Additional longitudinal slat conveyor to discharge the rear tank area
  • Divided and a split filling auger for gentle filing
  • Centrally arranged discharge elevator – for gentle tank emptying in approx. 50 sec

Terra Dos T4 Features

Motor and Hydraulics

Terra Dos T4

Engine technology from Mercedes Benz makes the Terra Dos T4 the most efficient sugar beet lifter. No matter whether it is two or three axles. With 652 HP / 480 kW, the Terra Dos T4 is efficiently equipped for a wide range of operating conditions and has sufficient power reserves.

The Terra Dos T4 meets the exhaust gas standard Stage V. AdBlue ensures that nitrogen oxides generated during the combustion process are converted into pure nitrogen and water during the exhaust gas after treatment – for the sake of our environment.

Always perfectly matched:

  • 652 HP / 480 kW – for power reserves and operating safety in any position
  • Exhaust gas level Stage V – for the sake of our environment
  • Performance dependent, automotive speed control of the engine between 1,150 and 1,550 rpm during lifting – for consumption optimised operation
  • Powerful load-sensing hydraulic system – for economical supply of the entire working, drive and steering hydraulics
  • Optimal, stable torque characteristics – for efficient engine performance
  • Max. torque 3,100 Nm at 1,300 rpm – for spraying even at low speeds
  • Hydraulically reversible fan with time control – for clean cooling elements


The Terra Dos T4 is consistently manufactured in a lightweight and modular design. A straight central tube frame made of high-strength S700 steel – from one piece – forms the reliable, weight-optimized base frame. The front part of the basic vehicle is connected to the main frame by means of a 60° articulated joint. This is the basis for maneuverability in any situation and optimum weight distribution.

Simply intelligent driving:

  • Swivel range of the bend of more than 60° – for maximum maneuverability
  • Turning circle (inner) of only 6.50 m – for shortest non-productive times
  • Front portal axle with slope support system – for large screen pass and stability in any position

With Terra Dos T4-40:

  • Fixed to the middle axis that is connected to the frame – for a high basic machine stability
  • Rear axle oscillating – for maximum terrain adjustment
  • Rear axle hydraulically sprung including hydraulic load balancing – for optimum driving comfort
  • Axle load regulation depending on the tank filling level – for optimum weight distribution
Terra Dos T4 chassis

Driving comfort, track accuracy and stability on slopes were priority development targets for the Terra Dos T4. Axles that are directly powered hydraulically with highly efficient inclined axle motors guarantee the most efficient power transmission and maximum performance.

In combination with the slope sensor, the innovative propulsion concept of the Terra Dos T4 automatically selects the ideal torque differential between axles (lead) that is needed in every situation.

Use power where it is needed:

  • Hydraulically powered axles with inclined axle motors – for the greatest efficiency
  • Automatic adjustment of the front axle drive torque in relation to the rear axle speed (lead) – to avoid the bulldozing effect and for optimum traction
  • Zero lead in road driving – to reduce tire wear and fuel consumption

Full slope stabilization system:

  • Design-dependent low center of gravity – for maximum stability
  • Bend position close to the front axle – for the lowest center of gravity
  • Slope sensor – for real-time detection of the inclination angle
  • Automatic slope support – for safe driving on hills
  • Automatic adjustment of the lead on the front or rear axle – for track accuracy on hills and stability during turning maneuvers


The offset track driving ensures that it is virtually impossible to roll over the same track twice. With the Terra Dos T4-30, each wheel has its own track. This consistently prevents soil damage from compaction. Given the large contact surfaces of the tires in the diagonal steer, load and traction force are transmitted over a wide surface area – with optimal slip values at the same time. This is how real soil preservation works.

  • All-wheel steering – for driving without articulated steering
  • Turn steering including articulation – for maximum maneuverability
  • Diagonal steer left/right with two selectable steps – for rolling over wide areas and for stable driving behavior also on slopes
  • Combi-drive (combined turn and diagonal steer) – for the best soil protection during turning maneuvers
  • Four-wheel steer – for lifting with six-row lifting units
  • Manual steering – for independent steering of the rear axle by joystick
  • Road travel (only the front axle is controlled by the steering wheel) – for incremental travel speeds of up to 25 mph, (also up to 8 mph with articulated steering)
Terra Dos T4 Steering