T4 harvester

Safe-T-Pull teamed up with Holmer to bring the best of the self-propelled sugar beet harvesters to the Red River Valley in 2019. Our team at Safe-T-Pull has been to numerous different growing areas in many countries, and we recognized the true need of harvest efficiency in the Red River Valley, especially since it is of the last places in the world to embrace the self-propelled sugar beet harvesters. Holmer has been producing self-propelled harvesters since 1969, so by no means is this concept new. Not only do self-propelled harvesters have a major gain in efficiency over the conventional way of sugar beet harvest, but when you pair these new methods with a crop cart, a synergy is created and the true potential in gained.

Safe-T-Pull is excited in this new relationship to provide a great service that will be unmatched. We have already gained many new customers and friends in the short time of offering the Holmer products, and the harvester is only the first step. Once we gain a foothold with the Terra Dos Harvester, we then can introduce the Terra Felis and take the harvest potential in the Red River Valley to the next level.